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BANK OF AFRICA – GHANA organized and hosted a Webinar on the topic: ‘Managing Your Business to Recovery During Crisis’ on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 3pm via Zoom. This webinar, which is the first of the Bank’s Sustainable Development Banking Webinar series, was targeted more at female Entrepreneurs, Owners or Business Managers in the mid-SME market. The Bank believes a discussion on the above topic with this target audience gave the Bank an opportunity to contribute to the growth of the businesses of its SME customers in these difficult times while at the same time, contribute to the development of the economy of Ghana, which is part of the Bank’s corporate philosophy. An all-female panel, as listed below, was put together to facilitate the discussions on the day. · Taaka Awori – CEO Busara Africa, Leadership Trainer and Certified Executive Coach Taaka spoke on the leadership imperatives for Business Resilience & Recovery · Dr Amanobea Boateng – CEO & Founder, Women’s DNA Fund and Female Entrepreneurship & SME Development Expert.

Dr. Amanobea spoke on Adopting a Forward-Thinking Mindset and her talking points included: o Pivoting your business by being flexible and adaptable to change; o Avoiding paradigm paralysis; o The need to provide certainty in uncertain times; o Future-proofing our businesses by scenario planning for the unknown; o Finding the silver lining. · Akofa Dakwa – Exec. Head, Risk Management, Bank of Africa and Financial Markets & Risk Management Expert Akofa spoke on the following subject areas: o Managing Cashflow in crisis o Financing Options for Businesses o Managing Risk · Leticia Browne – Director, Intelligent Capital Entrepreneurship Development Organisation and works at the SDG Unit of the Office of the President. Leticia was the moderator for the session. Contents of the webinar was carried by seven (7) major online news portals in Ghana and also carried by one of the leading traditional print media.