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To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the BANK OF AFRICA Foundation organized a meeting in Niamey on December17, 2019 with students from the African Development University (A.D.U).

The debates were focused on two main objectives:

  • Show the role of the
    Bank in business and specifically startups support activities
  • A forum where students, future entrepreneurs, were given the opportunity to interview business leadersA panel of 8 speakers had been set up in order to share business experiences.

    Among the topics discussed:

    • Individual stories of top entrepreneurs, failures, successes, etc.
    • Obstacles and opportunities for entrepreneurs
    • Key to success: innovation, self-confidence, perseverance and partnerships
    • The role of the bank in business financing.For more than an hour, nearly 150 students asked questions to the panel members and thus built a rich and interesting dialogue, for the 2 parties.