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In most countries where BANK OF AFRICA is established, the necessary restrictions implemented by the governments might unfortunately add to the burden of vulnerable populations. Many formal and informal workers have lost their source of income overnight, such as market sellers and restaurant workers in Ouagadougou, public transport drivers in Antananarivo, fishermen in Senegal, etc. The Council of BOA Foundations has therefore decided to redirect 30 to 80% of the foundations’ annual budget toward emergency response actions. In total, more than 1.2 million EUR will be allocated to the fight against the socio-economic consequences of COVID 19, mostly through providing: · Food aid for families in need · Material support for health centers (masks and other supplies) The Foundations are committed to supporting populations throughout the duration of the sanitary crisis and are currently in the process of developing their actions with local and international partners. Food assistance constitutes the biggest part of the Foundations’ response. The BANK OF AFRICA Foundations were created in 1999 and operate today in seven countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Mali, Niger and Senegal