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Partnership with the national police in Madagascar

BOA-MADAGASCAR has a long tradition of proximity to public services, thanks in particular to numerous partnerships. The Malagasy national police, which has just celebrated its 62nd anniversary, is an example and BOA-MADADASCAR was associated with this celebration through 2 events.

A gathering ground at the National School of Inspectors and Police Officers (ENIAP), entirely financed by the Bank, was inaugurated on October 5, 2023 in the presence of the Minister of Public Security and a delegation of BOA-MADAGASCAR led by its MD, Othmane Alaoui.

In addition, as every year, this school located in Antsirabe (city 170 km south of the capital) welcomes and trains about 1,000 students police officers and inspectors.

For its 29th promotion, the ENIAP organized with several banks on October 1st for a day of animation and opening of accounts for its students. BOA-MADAGASCAR obtained the best performance with a maximum of open accounts.

These two events strengthen the link between the two entities for future collaborations.