The year 2019 augurs the start of the new Three-Year Development Plan 2019 – 2021 which carries with it all the development and growth ambitions of the BOA Group.

We closed the year with a consolidated balance sheet up by 11.5% to 8.5 billion Euro, deposits up by 9.3% and loans up by 5.2% to 4.3 billion Euro.

The balance sheet transformation of the Corporate segment towards SMEs is taking place in terms of the number of files, up 21%, but not yet in terms of value, given the decline in the average amount of files financed.

NBI rose by 8.9% to EUR 542.6 million, driven mainly by a sharp 24% increase in fees and commissions, or EUR 215 million, which accounted for more than 46% of banking income, at EUR 462 million.

The reorganization of the portfolios of our banks in Mali and Kenya for more than EUR 42 million significantly reduced our consolidated cost of risk by almost EUR 70 million.