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2020 Financial Report

After taking into account depreciation of CFA F 2 898 million and the cost of risk of CFA F 5 486 million of CFA F 5 486 million, the pre-tax result is CFA F 14 063 million. Following the deduction of income tax of CFA F 751 million, the Bank’s net result amounts to CFA F 13 312 million, against CFA F 15 002 million.
CFA francs, against CFA francs 15 002 million in 2019, down 11.3% due to the exceptional events mentioned above, but also to the events mentioned above, but also the cost of risk, which rose sharply.
The return on assets is 1.5% in 2020. The same applies to the return on equity, which stands at 15,2 %. The solvency ratio stands at 13.9% and remains comfortable in relation to regulatory standards.


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