2020 Financial Report

It is in a context marked by a global health crisis that BANK OF AFRICA – BENIN saw its balance sheet total fall slightly by 2% between 2019 and 2020. This is mainly due to the 8.2% decrease in interbank and customer loans outstanding.

Customer deposits fell slightly by 1.3% to 613.302 million CFA francs, but this did not prevent BOA-BENIN from maintaining its first place with almost 26% market share in terms of deposits in Benin.

Net direct customer credit was 402,568 million CFA francs, down 8% from 2019. Despite this counterperformance caused by the early redemption of a large credit, the Bank remains the market leader in this segment with a share of 24%.

Revenues from treasury and interbank transactions decreased by about 55%, following the decline in outstanding amounts over the period under review. Revenues from customer transactions, on the other hand, increased by 12.2% over the year. Investment income stagnated at 21,660 million CFA francs at the end of 2020, due to lower average rates.

Bank and inter-bank charges fell by 4% over the year to 22,657 million CFA francs.

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