2022 Financial Report

For BANQUE DE CREDIT DE BUJUMBURA S.M. (BCB), 2022 (BCB) saw positive developments in almost all its performance indicators.

The volume of customer deposits increased by 18.2% to BIF 569.5 billion against BIF 481.7 billion at end 2021, mainly due to the increase in demand deposits and term deposits.

Net loans to customers amounted to BIF 297.2 million compared with BIF 220.9 million at end 2021, i.e. a 34.6% increase.

In terms of structure, the balance sheet total is BIF 877.4 billion, marking a remarkable 28.5% change from 2021.

In terms of results, Net Banking Income (NBI) grew by 9.0%, driven by the banking margin, to BIF 61.1 billion.

Overheads increased by 6.9% to BIF 31.2 billion.

Finally, the Gross Operating Profit for 2022 was BIF 29.9 billion, up by 11.4%.

The positive risk cost evolved positively with a sharp recovery from BIF 0.4 billion to BIF 2.4 billion.

Pre-tax profit increased by 19%.

Net Income stood at BIF 25.2 billion, up by 0.3%.

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